Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Magic of Finkleton

Most folks say, "Mother Nature controls the rain." However this is not the case in the village of Finkleton.

In the perfect little village of Finkleton, the weather is always perfect. Every farm grows the best, biggest, healthiest crops in the entire world, and everyone is happy.

Soon after the Finkles inherit their Uncle Harry's shop and move to Finkleton, they discover magical secrets hidden in his shop. One clue at a time, Jack, Lizzy and Robert learn the town's amazing secret. No, Mother Nature is not in charge in Finkleton!

Ever since Uncle Harry's death, the weather has not been cooperating. Farms are starting to fail. Will the Finkle children be able to solve all the magical mysteries before the village is destroyed?

Come along to Finkleton. A very special, magical adventure is about to begin!

Age Range 9-12
Childrens / Middle Grade Fiction

Very cute short story that I think children will enjoy. The beginning of the story is full of mystery and intrigue, you are not sure what is going on and as the children begin to discover new mysteries inside their new store and house in Finkleton, the interesting part for me was the fact that each children figure out a piece of the puzzle and by talking with each other start piecing them together.
Finkleton is a magical place with interesting characters, I hope we meet more of them as the stories continue. The only reason I did not end up giving it 5 stars is the pace of the story slows in the middle, I wanted to see them leave the house/store and actually get a look at Finkleton and the farmlands and lastly I wanted to get to know their parents better, they seemed to disappear through the majority of the story and I missed them.

The magic continues for the Finkle children in this exciting new adventure. Two years after moving to Finkleton, Jack, Lizzy and Robert realize the perfect weather wasn’t the only secret waiting to be discovered in Uncle Harry’s shop.

The devious Mr. Lowsley is growing more impatient and will stop at nothing to get what he wants!

Once again Jack, Lizzy and Robert must learn to work together to protect the magical secrets of the tiny village they now call home.

Come along to Finkleton. A new, magical adventure is about to begin!

Age Range 9-12
Childrens / Middle Grade Fiction

We return to Finkleton village where the kids are still running most of the duties around the shop. This time there is a hidden door in the floor where more magical things are found for the kids to discover. One of the new discoveries involves a clock, one that can bring about time-travel. More danger and magic ensues.

These stories are cute and fast paced reads, they are really short and would be perfect for story-time, offers up an opportunity for children to build upon their imaginations and what it would be like to live in a magical village, especially in this store/house.

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  1. My kids would love these books! Thanks for sharing.


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