The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

RJ Does Books nominated me for The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! Thank you RJ!!!

Here are The Rules:

Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
Share 7 random facts about yourself.
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Contact those buddies and let them know.

7 Random Facts about Me:

I collect things/borderline HOARDER! I collect cd's dvd's audiobooks, physical books, t-shirts, pens, ipods, ereaders, notepads.

I like to dye my hair
My hair has ranged from platinum blonde to orange, red, purple, pink, brown, black, stripes.

I can type super fast
85 wpm For Fun, go test yourself HERE

If I make a decision (like getting a hair cut) I need to do it RIGHT NOW. It takes me forever to make up my mind, but once it's made up it has to happen immediately or I freak out.

My favorite food is pizza...with ranch
I do not dip all of my pizza in ranch (like pizzas with garlic sauce) but all red sauced pizza is not complete without a side of ranch.

When I as a child I used to bring home all the neighborhood animals I found outside and put them in my backyard.

I have been an avid reader ever since I learned how to read, my choice of books (genre's) differ depending on my mood, but I cannot remember a time in my whole life that I was not reading a book. Ever. The biggest book I have ever read is The Count of Monte Cristo, It took me 3 months and was over 1100 pages long. Also one of my favorite books.

thank you RJ! this was fun, hope you got to learn a little something about me (Krista) I have decided to tag/nominate the following people.
Laura @ the reading nook
Karen @ ocdaboutbooks
Lindsay @ Lindsay Mead aka The Book Vlogger
Kelly @ Stratchic (youtube vlogger)
Renee @ Nehomas2
Teresa @ Teresa's reading corner
Lea @ Beautiful Reader (youtube vlogger)
Debra @ Debra's book Cafe
Brittany and Farrah @ Ieatwords
Stacey and Jessica @Chapter Chicks


  1. See! You ARE more interesting than me! Here's how

    -Your collection of books is AMAZING!

    -My hair has never been another color other than the one it's been my whole life

    - I type at a medium speed.

    -I sometimes take my time with making decisions...a majority of the time they are wrong or something cruddy happens.

    -I could NEVER tackle The Count of Monte Cristo!

    *high fives* I TOTALLY eat pizza with ranch too!

    So awesome that you used to bring animals home! And I used to read when I was younger but took a break and didn't pick it up again on a weekly basis until my freshman year of HS.

    haha great post Kirsta! so glad you decided to make a post!

  2. Anonymous2/02/2012

    nice opinion. thanks for sharing...


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