Aloisius (The Aloisius Series) by Jonathon Charlap

A series from author Jonathon Charlap that asks the questions... What makes us human... How far will we go for the ones we love... Are we willing to die to protect them? Tori is a Watcher. A young genetically engineered soldier who is at the pinnacle of her life. But when she fails to kill Spencer Estornel, a fugitive from The Assimilated Nations, she must confront a terrible truth that her agency never viewed her as anything more than expendable. Now, those who created her will do anything to kill her. And the closer she grows with her new lover Spencer, the more she realizes that protecting him may be easier than losing him
Highly entertaining, fast pace story with great characters and world building.

You know your going to enjoy reading a book when it grabs you within the first couple of pages. Intrigue and mystery will keep you reading to find out what is going on. Then you get a mixture of futuristic technology and action packed chapters that I dare you to put it down.
I always love a fast paced novel. Something that will keep me entertained and interested in the characters, and this one had that.
I loved these characters, Tori is an amazing heroine that kicks ass! Fantastic storyline and dialogue between characters, both evil and good.
I loved the idea of the world and the Agency, how it's set up, who works there and some of the types of jobs the agents take on as well as what it is they do, and how they do it.
There is a good human interest story going on with all the action. By the time the story was over, I actually kept trying to flip the page looking for more..I didn't quite expect it to and it left me wanting to know more.

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