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Hillserpent Academy by Richard Denney

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Owen Davinforth has been expelled from Hillserpent Academy for the last eight months & now he is permitted to return. But things have changed at the academy & not for the good. Owen's falling for a new guy, a dark force is working it's way around the school & it's aiming for Owen. Can he stop who or what it is before it's too late? What lies behind these gates? You will soon know

I consider Richard to be a friend. I met him through his Youtube, Twitter and Goodreads :!/RichardDenney88

Now, what I like about Richard is that he speaks his mind. His personality comes through in his writing as well, This is only the 2nd story I have read of his, but believe me I will read all of his works as they come out because his writing style always leaves a little humor in…