Happy Birthday
Today is another moment in my life I find a way to celebrate. It's a year gone by now and I wanted to thank all my readers and followers for supporting me and friending me. I try to as honest in all of my posts as possible and never intentionally be hurtful or disrespectful to the authors of the books. My intention is to share my love for reading and to put out there types of books I have come across, whether I enjoyed them or not, I hope to help others explore some of the books that I have had the time to read and talk about here on my blog. I hope to encourage all my readers to want to explore all types of books in all genres. There is nothing wrong with exploring new things and finding your own opinion on them. That is why I have decided to not only showcase books that I love and would recommend, but also books I did not love and with the best of intentions try to indicate why with the best of professionalism that I can. But always hope to encourage you to want to explore as well, maybe something I say will influence somebody to try something new, maybe even to prove me wrong, and I accept that! :)
Throughout the last year I have met several people that have encouraged me to keep on putting myself out there and through YouTube (book tubers) Twitter, blogger, facebook, goodreads, librarything, netgalley, galleygrab I have had the opportunity to broaden my reading and have access to books I never thought I would get a chance to read and write about.
I especially want to send a special thanks out to some of the people that have supported me the most from the beginning. David, Kelly, Karen, Laura, Lindsay, Richard, Tim, Kelley, Debra, Jenna and many more. If it wasn't for your constant commenting and advice I do not know if I would have continued ad the rate I have. I appreciate you friending me and supporting me. If I have forgotten to list you, please know it was not intentional and I appreciate all of the blogger support and help and hope to give as well as receive.
Since starting my blog I also have been lucky enough to meet some very great authors and wanted to thank Lani and Angela  for showing me an inside to the writers life and the trek to publication that it a hard road to take, it makes me appreciate as a reader more what the final product ends up to be.
A special thanks also goes out to Marianne and the Burn Bright staff that I have just recently been working with, they are all wonderful people who have taken me under their baby bat wings and encouraged me to better my reviews and push myself into the uncharted territory of editing and public speaking through my video reviews. Thank you for the opportunity and your patience! One of the best experiences of my life.
Of course I want to end with thanking my family. My family as been very supportive even when I get hyper after I get a new book in the mail, or run to the store or a signing, my interaction with friends on twitter that takes up most of my days when I should be getting work done. I had more support from my family than I ever expected.
I know that this is just a blog and maybe doing this kind of a thank you speech seems silly to some, but blogging turned out to really hard, took a lot of work and takes a lot of upkeep and attention. I know I am still a small site, but have prided myself on keeping up with at least 2 new book reviews a week with most weeks reaching 3.
Also which I never would have accomplished with out my sidekick Kindle which has been my life-support. He reads to me when I need both my hands or chores to do. He lets me resize his text so that when my eyes are tired I can still read while half asleep and because he has an awesome battery that lets me read for hours on end and last but not least his slender, small body that lets me carry him around in my purse.

I know this post is kinda cheesy, but that's me. I will only keep it featured for today on the blog, then it will disappear into the archives soon enough. But I want to thank you, the reader especially for even stopping by to look around.
                                      Happy Reading, Hope to talk to you soon

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