Book review: Elemental Reality by Cesya MaRae Cuoso

When Callie Pierce was ten, her mother disappeared without a trace. On the eve of her disappearance twelve years later, the earth seemingly comes alive. The elements speak to Callie, and that's only the beginning. Everything she has ever known was a twisted fabrication to protect her. Now the truth is set free. Callie and her sister are more powerful than any Faerie ever born. Now they have to use their powers to save their mother and family from the evil hands of fate that threaten to tear them apart. Welcome to her elemental reality

To be honest this is one of my favorite covers of the year, but the story fell a little short of my expectations.I had read a handful of reviews of the book loving it and the action it contained.  I wanted so badly to love this book, I was lucky enough to get to interview the author on the blog tour and she is really nice and had great answers.So when I got the copy for review I jumped in with high hopes.
I am a bit of a picky person when it comes to romance in books. But when the main character exhibits love at first site and finding her soulmate within the matter of days and chapters I get a bit cynical. It was way too fast and cheesy for me. What I mean by cheesy here is that the boys are referred to as "man meat" more than once and the love interest calls Callie "kitten" whenever talking to her and sometimes she is referred to as kitten as many as 3 times on the same page and repeatedly for the rest of the book. Along with the pet names it seemed as though the main character and her sister never really took their situation seriously, more of a "hey this is cool we get to fly and have powers" lets have fun! Throughout most of the book they are tossing each other joke after joke. I appreciated it in some scenes and it did help lighten the heavy scenes but I think the humorous banter was overused and just a couple comments here and there would have had the effect it needed.

What I did love about this story is that we see a pair of sisters learning together about their past and who they are. In most novels today it's just one person having to grow and discover on their own. I wanted to see a couple more introduction chapters of their everyday lives and who they were before they find out the secret. Maybe a little more mystery to who Oliver is and what, besides being a soul mate and man meat he represents to her. I do believe in love at first site, and having a soulmate, but I also think that it's on a deeper level than Callie and Oliver represent.

It is a very fast read and there is a lot of action. I liked the story and the plot is interesting and different than anything I have read recently. The author was able to find a different twist to what is an overwhelming amount of fairy stories out there today. Even though the characters are in danger and on a quest to save their mother's life, it's told in a very light hearted And comedic tone that is carried through the whole book.

The interesting involvement of both good and evil and who and how the battle has to be fought was a very great twist. I enjoyed the training sessions and the powers that they were able to develop.

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