Book Review: Blood by KJ Wignall

"I do not remember being bitten. I wish I did, for then I would know the creature who did this to me and I would have a purpose, to track him down and repay him for the poisoned gift he gave me." Back in the 13th Century, Will was destined to be Earl of Mercia.  He never lived to inherit his title, struck down by a strange illness and buried beneath the city walls.  But Will was not dead, and only now, seven lonely centuries later, does he begin to understand that there was a reason for all of this, that he has a destiny.  To find it though, he will need help, and as ever, he will need blood. Cover and description from

Here is a story that I really enjoyed. Will's vampire character and Eloise's as his sidekick really worked for me. Will has awoken after several years and soon finds that he has risen for a reason. He is determined to find his maker and answer all the questions he has never truly tried to find an answer for before.
Eloise reminds me of an old friend. She is the one that the readers will connect with the most. After Will awakens, he is drawn to Eloise and she becomes his companion to help find his answers. She is skeptical but very open minded.
The writing was great! I really enjoyed walking through the streets, having the building described and picturing what it would be like to be with them. Will lives beneath an old Cathedral and imagining the structure, it's artwork and the mystery of what lies below was entertaining for me.
The ending does leave you with more questions, so I think that this is a beginning of a series, and one that I am very intrigued to find out what happens next  Blood (Mercian Trilogy)
Well as you can see, when I googled the link above for the book it does show it's going to be a Trilogy so that makes me very excited to know that I will be able to read more about these two characters! And especially to have some of my questions answered.

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