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High School Heros by James Mascia

Goodreads Link  What if you discovered you had the ability to read minds?

What would you do with that power?
On Christine Carpenter'sfirst day of her sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson High
School she makes a startling discovery. She can hear peoples' thoughts. After convincing herself she's not going crazy, Chris must learn to control her amazing mind-reading ability. Using her power she quickly realizes her crush, the captain of the football team, is also blessed with a special ability. She is soon sucked into a world she never thought possible when two more of her classmates, and a teacher,
turn out to have powers as well. What are they meant to do with their special gifts that can either help, or harm others? Christine soon finds out when a monster, lurking in the depths of her school, threatens to murder the student population. When it becomes apparent that the creature is someone she knows, she must decide whether to try and save him, or destroy the beast. If she chooses destruction, can she live with the consequences?

This is not one of my favorite covers exactly, But guess what, I ended up really enjoying this story. Christine likes to dress in black (including her makeup) and a little shy and standoffish. She has a full time job to save up for a car and is an only child. One day she wakes up and things are a little off, she keeps hearing voices but nobody is saying the things outloud. Soon (after a freak out in class) she discovers that she is hearing people's thoughts. Eventually she ends up "overhearing" Ethan thinking about some supernatural powers that he has and she approaches him and they soon find a connection and a friendship that is closer than any others she has ever had.
Ethan eventually talks her into exploring their powers and trying to use them to help people. Here is when we get to see some action and adventure throughout the story when they save others from deadly situations. Ethan also helps her explore the world outside the one Christine is used to. They have a great connection and learn from each other. Along with Ethan, the new friends she makes helps her open up and live life, and explore new things. As Ethan and Christine are discovering their new powers together, they also learn that some of the other students at school have powers as well, and not all of them are used for good.
Christine herself, is found to use her powers for selfish reasons and testing herself to see how far she can go.

What I found interesting about this book was that it was a combination of genres. There is the story of the superheros, how they came about, their powers, training and saving people. You get some action, some history and some humor. Then you get a more contemporary story of high schoolers, making friends, finding love and dealing with the basic problems of life. I found this appealing and the fact that the author, being male and writing about superheroes I was expecting the main character to be from a male's perspective. Very intriguing and I felt his perspective as a girl was spot on.
High School Heros has Action, Adventure, Thrill and Mystery with a very contemporary high school romance.  I give this one 4 stars

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Please stay tuned tomorrow: the author of High School Heros James Mascia will be guest posting his own thoughts on Superheroes today.

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  1. i wouldn't have chosen this book too based on its cover. the story sounds interesting--i'm glad it worked out for you. :)


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