The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt

I am posting this in advance of Valentines Day because I am dedicating the next week to the Boys. So here is a weekend post for the girls!
Here we go at another entry for the Chicklit Challenge!
In the ever daunting day of Valentines Day, expectations, spending money, reservations, silly text messages. I have decided to pick up a book by one of my favorite people in the world Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes I am a fan of her tv shows, movies and whole acting career period. But I really enjoy her voice, if you have not experienced her music, stop reading this and listen to some right now. I really wish she had continued with her music career. Oops I have gotten off-subject.
The Day I Shot Cupid.
This book was funny!, I have to say that Jennifer really does know some aspects of men that would do every girl some good to realize.I found the majority of this book spot-on with my experiences and very eye opening realizations that will help me with future situations. She not only discusses situations she has been in, but why the boys act the way they do in response to the situations and how women act and see in a different point of view.
From the intial date, blind dates, heavy dating (yes giving it up) and the "fiance" or living together stage. She had some great insight.It was very entertaining and she also narrates the audiobook if you like her voice as much as I do.
So check it out, enjoy and Happy Valentines Day.

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