Wraith by Mark Wheaton


After witnessing the death of her mother at a young age, Cecily LeClercq grows up hiding herself away in the remote Carolina wetlands. When a stranger arrives from Paris saying a distant, elderly relative is desperate to see her before she dies, Cecily travels to an old chateau deep in the French woods. There she learns of an ancient curse that has consumed generations of her ancestors, personified by a vicious, ghostly wraith who emerges from the forest when the death of a LeClercq is near...

I really enjoyed listening to this one. It is fast paced with a lot of twists and a decent ending.

Cecily LeClercq is living a very satisfying life as a photographer of plant life in South Carolina. She was made an orphan when she was young after a traumatic event took her mother. A long lost family member has called on her to visit her in France and she decides to go, but before getting to meet her she also dies in a tragic event. This leads Cecily on the path to discover what is connecting her family to these awful events and if she is also cursed.

The narrator of the audiobook Annalee Scott did a great job working with all of the French accents of the characters it felt casual and pleasant to listen to.

My favorite parts of the story was the constant movement of the storyline and twists in the plot that made me question where it was going to end up. I have always wanted to visit the catacombs in France and enjoyed that they found a place within this story, although I wanted more!

It turns out the family is cursed. But why? You’ll have to find out for yourself. The descriptions of the death scenes and wraith herself were very visual and I was impressed with the vocabulary used to describe things. I haven’t had to look up words while reading in awhile and learned a few new ones that for some reason made it feel more interactive for me.

I give it a three (and a half) stars, looking forward to reading other books by this author.