The Convenience of Lies by Kimberly Castillo

“It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. All that matters is if you can. If you can do something, what difference does it make?"

Based on a true story, The Convenience of Lies is a novel that keeps readers up past midnight with its story of friendship, mystery, crime, sex, and betrayal. Set in a suburban town, this story is told through the eyes of a high school junior, Mackenzie, who describes her crush on a "bad boy," Ramon and her relationship with her best friend, Kira. During the course of the story, Mackenzie does her best to attract the affections of Ramon while her friendship with Kira evolves. Eventually, the different characters' property starts getting vandalized and a mystery develops as Mackenzie and Kira try to get to the bottom of who is behind the vandalism.
Kindle Edition, 196 pages
Published October 15th 2013 
The Convenience of Lies is told from Mackenzie's perspective and really delves into the thoughts and feelings of a teen lost in love. Mackenzie's focused on getting the boy that she likes and that determination borders on obsession. (in my opinion) The idea that you are so lost in one idea that the world around you becomes unfocused and less important. Mackenzie's story soon develops into a little more than one romantic relationship. It involves friends and gangs, and even getting herself caught up in dealing with the police.

There were parts of the story that I was really hoping that Mckenzie would not be so single minded and naive when it came to decision making. And in that way it also reminded me a lot of my high school days and getting involved with groups I shouldn't have. I was also very selfish when it came to crushes on guys. At points in my life my friendships also became damaged because my focus was elsewhere. This perspective of the main character and her motives and actions at first seemed very unattractive to me, but upon consideration of my own past, I found I actually had a lot in common with her and that the author does a good job at portraying the teen voice through the story.

The main focus of the story is the slipperiness of abusive relationships. How hard it is being involved in the relationship to see the signs. Also being younger and not experienced, how easily it is to end up in one. The author even offers some advice/hints to watch for in a relationship at the back of the book. 

It was not a book that I become competely lost in, and found myself pretty upset at Mckenzie through most of the book for her decisions and only focus of a boy. But I remember those times and I think that with reflection the author did a good job of putting you into her head. One thing this story did get me to do was think. When having a crush or falling in love, that is one thing most of us don't do enough of. THINK!