Ondine's Curse by Valentina Barbieri.

Title: Ondine’s Curse       Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal romance   Target audience: young adult Pages: 280  Price: £1.99 only available on amazon  http://www.amazon.com/Ondines-Curse-ebook/dp/B00ESLTPM6     Fantasy
La maledizione di OndineLa maledizione di Ondine by Valentina Barbieri

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was offered a free English translated book from the author for review.
There was a bit of similarity for this story with Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series. If you enjoy that series you may want to give this one a read as well.
The world building is dark, imaginative and fun to read. Also the main character really fit the story well. Traveling between the real world and a dark misty demon world worked well in the story.
I didn't feel as connected to the story as I would have liked, but still found it an enjoyable read. the different mix of elements, from exorcism, science, spirit dimensions really makes the story enjoyable and adds levels to the story.
Although the main character is not quite teenage age I feel the story will be liked by teens as well as the new adults.

For a little more detail about the book I have posted below the press release information that was provided me through email.
Ondine is a young sensitive able to perceive a dimension in which spirits roam, looking for a way to come back to the world of the living.

Along with her friend Francesco, Ondine investigates paranormal events
in the search for a rational, scientific explanation. The truth starts to come out when she meets Benjamin Law in London. He’s a young and fascinating priest, also able to cross over to the other side. Thanks
to him, Ondine comes to meet about possessed subjects and assists in a
terrible exorcism.

News of an ancient Order of Guardians bring Ondine and Benjamin to Prague in the desperate search for Lysandra Novacek, the last descendent of the family at the head of the Order.

Amongst spirits and ancients buildings, Ondine travels through Europe confronting her greatest fears;

“When you go through the doors that separate the world of the living from that of the dead, you’ve

got to be sure you’ll be able to come back...”

Who are the Guardians of the Portals and why did the order dissappear after the second world war?

What’s hidden in the castle of Hasdeu, romanian philosopher and poet from the late 800s?

Some of the paranormal phenomena a real: metaphony (voices impressed in voice recorders or radios)

has been studied by scientists and researchers of the occult. Hasdeu’s Castle in Romania is a national

monument. According to documents of the time, it was built to Iulia Hasdeu’s wishes. The young girl

had died six months earlier but continued to comunicate with her father from the other side.

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