What Am I Reading?

Today I was a little stumped on what to post about here on the blog, but wanted to do a quick shout out to the readers to let them know what I am reading.

I have a habit of reading/listening to more than one book at a time. I spread out my choices depending on what I do during the day. In the car I usually have an audiobook (which I keep in the car) but I am between "car books" at the moment. Thinking of starting the audiobook of Red Rain next.

Travel writer Lea Sutter finds herself on a small island off the coast of South Carolina, the wrong place at the wrong time. A merciless, unanticipated hurricane cuts a path of destruction and Lea barely escapes with her life. In the storm’s aftermath, she discovers orphaned twin boys and impulsively decides to adopt them. The boys, Samuel and Daniel, seem amiable and immensely grateful; Lea’s family back on Long Island—husband Mark and their two children, Ira and Elena—aren’t quite so pleased. But even they can’t anticipate the twins’ true nature—or predict that, within a few weeks’ time, Mark will wind up implicated in two brutal murders, with the police narrowing in

On the Kindle, I currently have The Paris Lawyer. I read on my kindle during breaks at work and running errands, and what I call my "down time" during the day.

The Paris Lawyer by Sylvie Granotier
As a child, Catherine Monsigny was the only witness to her mother's death. 20 years later as an ambitious attorney in contemporary Paris, she catches a professional break when her boss assigns her to major felony case in rural France. An immigrant stands accused of poisoning her husband, but her secrets are not the only ones hidden in the scenic rolling hills of Creuse. While preparing the defense, Catherine is reunited with images of own past and a high-intensity search for two murderers ensues. Who can she believe? And what will Catherine do with her past should she discover it?

And finally before I go to bed, and mostly weekends. I have a physical book that I read from. I keep it on my bedside table and try to fit in a half hour-or more of what I like to call Brain Candy. Sometimes this is a book I get in for review, but most of the time it's something that I have been wanting to read, just for me and not planning on writing a review for when I finish (although I usually end up doing so anyway. That book (which takes me awhile to get through) is The Hollow City by Dan Wells

Dan Wells won instant acclaim for his three-novel debut about the adventures of John Wayne Cleaver, a heroic young man who is a potential serial killer. All who read the trilogy were struck by the distinctive and believable voice Wells created for John.

Now he returns with another innovative thriller told in a very different, equally unique voice. A voice that comes to us from the realm of madness.

Michael Shipman is paranoid schizophrenic; he suffers from hallucinations, delusions, and complex fantasies of persecution and horror. That’s bad enough. But what can he do if some of the monsters he sees turn out to be real?

Who can you trust if you can't even trust yourself? The Hollow City is a mesmerizing journey into madness, where the greatest enemy of all is your own mind

I get asked a lot how I can read so fast, but the fact of the matter is that I have what I call readers ADD or ADHD it's the plain fact that I just cannot seem to sit down and read through one book at a time. I always have several going at a time and pick them up depending on my mood. This means that I finish reading more than one book at a time as well because they are all read for different amounts each day depending how much time I spend in my car, if I'm having a slow day at work.

I have several more posts planned for the week so stay tuned! Book tour, author interview and of course, a handful of reviews!


  1. Wooo R.L. Stine sounds good. Isn't this his adult book? Have a collection of my old Goosebumps books from when I was little.


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