Fallen Legion Author Interview + Sneak Peek!

Today I want to welcome author Laura Kreitzer talking about her newest book in the Timeless series, Fallen Legion

1) I've noticed on your website that you usually have several projects happening at once, and with NaNoWriMo this month, plus a blog tour for Fallen Legion, what is your favorite way of de-stressing? (Specifically now in November with Thanksgiving right around the corner!)

De-stressing is something I’m not so good at doing, actually. So, after a few years of trying several ways to not make myself go bonkers, I finally figured out the best way not to go prematurely gray. The first is that I get into a routine, which is something I was never very fond of. My routine doesn’t revolve around time or days but is actually all about how I get ready for writing. I realized when I’m writing in my PJs that I feel more stressed, so now I get ready as if I’m going to work before I write, no matter the time. 3am? I still shower, blow dry my hair, and put on clothes. And now I set a timer for how long I work, even giving myself a food break. As far as non-work de-stressing, I watch TV or read, two of my favorite things.

2) I have read a lot of Angel books over the past 2 years; it seems to be one of the most popular trends recently. What is one of the characteristics that you really wanted to come through as the basic emotion that drives your Angels? Passion? War? Love? Peace?

When I first started to write Shadow of the Sun, angel books were still very much so a rarity, so I was lucky to jump on that bandwagon before it became cliché. My angels don’t live in the same universe as other authors’ angels because I literally came up with a whole new world, dimensions, and history. The angels I write have a mixture of emotions, some are divided, some are all about peace and love, but sometimes one has to war to find that balance. Mostly, though, my books aren’t all about angels but are also about Gods, Spirits, and Phantoms, and there are all kinds of fun emotions when you’re playing with so many characters.

3) As a reader, romance and companionship of the Main Character become close to our hearts. When you see your readers cry out for there to be a possibility that Gabriella and Chris be together does that make you cringe? I myself like reading books that don't involve love triangles, it seems Gabriella has enough to worry about without that as well. Is there a possibility that Gabriella might have a different love relationship in her near future?

I made it clear to my readers a long time ago that there would NOT be a love triangle in the Timeless Series because I wanted to show that love in general endures enough obstacles without adding in a third party. I don’t actually read reviews anymore, so I’ve not seen much about Chris and Gabriella as a couple—haha—but that doesn’t make me cringe. Usually the fans who message me tell me how much they love Gabriella and Andrew together. If fans want to play with my characters in their head or even while writing fanfiction (I read one that made me blush big time) that’s perfectly fine with me.

As far as Gabriella having a different relationship in the future . . . I really, really want to answer that, but I’m not going to. Haha. I like to keep the readers guessing.

4) One of my favorite aspects to stories are portals. You have included portals as a way of traveling between/through worlds, space, and time. If you were asked to draw a schematic of your universe on paper, for a graphic novel how complex would it be? If you have already done it can we have a picture?

Actually . . . it would be really, REALLY complex. The books out now have only scratched the surface of how multifaceted the world building is. I do have a couple of PDF documents on my website that gives my fans a glimpse into the universe. Here are the links:



5) I know that sometimes writers begin to have love/hate relationships with their characters, especially in a series. If there was one character you would have changed from the beginning or killed off that you haven't yet, who would it have been and why? If there is not one you'd like to kill off is there one you'd like to see have their own spin off series?

I’m pretty happy with my current characters. There was one that I wasn’t too happy about at one point because the character was named after my best friend who killed himself. He liked the idea of his character being this bad guy who thinks he’s doing what’s best, but after my friend passed away, I couldn’t write him that way anymore. (That character would be Chris.) For those who’ve read Soul Stalker and Abyss, they’ll see a major change in Chris’s character.

As far as a spin-off series, I will be doing that, actually. I think I might do a few novels about some of the characters already written about, and I also plan to write a completely new series based on new characters but in the same world. I’ll make announcements as soon as my ideas solidify.

6) Lastly, I am drawn to one of the titles you are currently working on, The Acid Method. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

This is a new project I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. I’ve kept relatively quiet about it so far because I’m co-authoring it with someone who wanted to remain anonymous until the project is finished, but she’s okay with my telling you now. Her name is Lisa Langdale, and she’s been my best friend, beta reader, and muse since before I was published. We plan to send this particular gem to an agent to sell to a big publishing house. Well, here’s to hoping. crosses fingers

Here’s a brief description of The Acid Method, which is a YA Dystopian:

Welcome to Silver Island, where justice is only a deathly scream away.

More than eighty years after the Wipe, the only remaining human inhabitants on Earth reside on the isolated Hawaiian Islands. The Silvers—the governing body—serve to control the population in three ways: the Genetic Purity Manifesto that allows only those who match genetically to reproduce, the Population Act to restrict each couple to one child, and the Acid Method that sanctions all criminals to play the role of their victims by forcing them to endure their own crimes.

Being the son of Silvers, eighteen-year-old Red Phoenix spends his days training in the art of killing for the Acid Method. When offered a contract with a massive payout to frame a seventeen-year-old girl for murder, he refuses. That is until he discovers she’s the daughter of the man who killed his sister and got away with it. The girl is Shay Orion, and she becomes Red’s number one target. However, the further he delves into her life, the more secrets he uncovers about his family’s past, and the deeper he falls for her. When Shay’s sentenced to Silver Island, Red must hunt her down like he would any other criminal. But will he be able to carry out the fatal punishment when he uncovers the most shocking truth of all?

Thanks so much for this interview, and I hope you enjoyed Fallen Legion!

Thank you too! am so excited we got a sneak peek into your new project as well, it looks amazing!


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