Out of This World by Douglas E. Richards

To save their parents they will have to travel to unknown worlds. Too bad the natives on each world all seem to want them dead . . .

Zachary and Jenna Lane are a brother and sister pair who would much rather tease and trick each other than work together. But when their parents vanish before their eyes through a mysterious shimmering portal, the two kids join forces and adventure through a series of fantastic worlds in an effort to rescue them.

But each world is more treacherous than the last, and staying alive for even a day will prove to be the ultimate test of their wits, courage, and determination. And when they finally puzzle out what is happening to them and why, the impossible happens: things get even worse. Because far more is at stake than just their lives. And the odds against them could not be any greater . . .

Out of This World is a fast-paced adventure sure to delight young and old alike, packed with breakneck action, brilliant escapes, thrilling cliffhangers, and plenty of heart

Right away you can tell there is some between tension siblings Zachary and Jenna. Zachary comes off as a know it all, trickster. And Jenna comes of as younger, naive and ready to finally outsmart him.

When their parents disappear into a portal that appears in their house. Zachary and Jenna end up going on a mission out of this world and having to rely on each other to rescue their parents.

There were just a few moments in the story that I felt things were moving way to fast. The reader doesn't have a chance to try to figure out what will happen next before it happens.

It is a very fast paced story that has lessons to learn and morals that tie in with the plot. It is a non stop adventure that combines science fiction and fantasy.