Human Instincts by Ioana Visan

Dr. Deanna Nichols is a geneticist searching for a cure to save the world. After the war nearly destroyed it by releasing an aggressive virus, it was the vaccine that killed the humanity’s chances for progress and survival. Deanna feels guilty because she has participated in creating the vaccine, and General Mackenzie never lets her forget that.

Their luck changes when they are contacted by the convicts held in a secret military prison hidden in the arctic desert. The C deviance criminals are willing to negotiate and provide unaffected DNA samples in exchange for supplies and a visit paid by the doctor herself. Suddenly there’s hope, so Deanna embarks on a dangerous journey to a grittier reality than she had expected.

Could a woman alone save the world?

The short story (100 pages) is a pretty fast paced book and very to the point. At first when I finished it I was disappointed I did not get to get more background and fully rounded characters, but that made me realize that I enjoyed it and wanted more.

There were some parts that were overwhelmingly full of science, biology and scientific references that I did struggle a bit to get through. (Although you can tell it was very well researched and logical that these events could happen)
Overall it's a very interesting story. It will get you thinking.

I believe I read that the story was originally written to be published in an anthology of like-stories. Which would have been a great addition if, I would have liked to see that happen. But as is I think it would make an awesome full length novel with more fleshed out characters