Update/ August is Utah Book Month

As you may or may not know I live in Utah and during the month of August I will be participating in the UTAH BOOK MONTH. There have been some bloggers working hard on getting some events set up with interviews, reviews, giveaways and several blog posts to celebrate.
Although I do not have a Utah referenced blog post posted for every day in August, I am working in some posts to celebrate along with the other bloggers, authors and readers.
To start off I will be interviewing fellow Utah blogger Jenny over at AlternateReadality tomorrow, here on the blog. I hope you remember to stop by!
I will also sporadically be posting some reviews, lists, and snippets throughout the month in between my regular posting schedule.
So stop by every Wednesday and Sunday throughout the month to discover some great Utah authors, bloggers and bookish things!
Here are a couple of links if you want to follow along (thx to Bluestocking Society)
Twitter: @UtahBooks.
2. Tweet about Utah Book Month using this hashtag: #UtahBooks.
3. Subscribe to, follow, and check out the Utah Book Month blog: http://utahbooks.blogspot.com.


  1. Good luck - sounds like a worthy challenge to jump into. Looking forward to seeing some of this new content - including the interview tomorrow!


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