Allegiance (Legacy #2) by Cayla Kluver

Only I saw Narian for who he truly was: a young man with courage and an independent mind, and made to pay for what was outside his control. He couldn't help his past any more than he could help the way those intense, deep-blue eyes pierced me and held me captive.

An eighteen-year-old queen in love with the enemy as their countries pass the point of no return...

Bound to a man she cannot love, Queen Alera of Hytanica must forget Narian, the young man who holds her heart. For Narian is destined to conquer Hytanica at the behest of his master, the powerful magic-user known as the Overlord. Alera doesn't truly believe Narian will fight against Hytanica-until Cokyrian troops attack with Narian commanding the charge.

Faced with the greatest betrayal a heart can know, Alera must set aside personal feelings and lead her kingdom through its darkest time. And when all hope, will and courage seem lost, she must find strength and remember that even the blackest night must have a dawn...

This is the second book in the series. A series that I wasn't sure I was going to continue with after reading the first book. But I am glad that I did.
There were times that the main character was immature and even threw a fit or two. I was a little confused because somebody who is raised to be a Queen, you expect better behavior out of. But also your dealing with a teenage girl who is very unhappy with her situation as well. So overall after finishing the book, the times that she does lash out actually seemed understandable.
I was very impressed by the ending of this story. I enjoyed the last couple of chapters and the growth that Alera experiences in this book. It actually made me a greater fan of this series. I wanted to see that side of her all along, but even getting to know her at the end of book 2 here has really gotten me interested to see what happens next.
Alera and her kingdom really have to go through some tough times in this story. It had a lot of ups and downs and I felt bad that she didn't appreciate what luck she did have with her husband, it could have been so much worse. Although of course he wasn't perfect. He did care.
I am happy I decided to continue on with the series and looking forward to see where Alera takes us in the next book.