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Review: dr.a.g. bookthefilm edition

"Drag has become a diverse form of expression that challenges, entertains, and educates by pushing boundaries, while embracing beauty, comedy and glamour. The performers in this book are evidence of that diversity, captured by some of the top photographers working in the world today. "

As a long time fan of Rupaul Charles and his tv show Rupaul's Drag Race, I find the art of D.R.A.G. to be an exciting form of expression, art and personality.

Whether is music, literature, politics, clothing, makeup, or cars..we all have our own preferences. We have an opinion of everything, even things you never thought you might have an opinion on.

The first time I looked through the book of photographs in d.r.a.g. bookthefilm edition I found myself thinking about how I would have liked more variety of models (some having more than one photo in the book) for example Acid Betty. She has two photos but they are the exact same make-up and outfit, just different angles, how I would have prefe…