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Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross

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Wren and Lark Noble are twins. Only one was never born. Lark has always been able to see Wren, she even lets her use her body to live a little. Yet, while one twin is dying to live, the other only wishes she were dead. When Lark attempts to take her own life she is saved by the new guy who can also connect with the dead. He has a group of friends that have been marked by a demon and they ask Lark to help them free themselves.

The friends were marked while at the abandoned Asylum, known to be haunted. Throughout the story Lark can see these scratches getting worse, but they can only feel the affects of the marks. The demon uses the group against each other to gain the upper hand. Luckily they have Wren on their side. Wren has the connection they need on the other side to battle the demon and free them all from his hold.

This is a book I would recommend to fans of Anna Dressed in Blood. With a similar group of characters to add…