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Mythmaker Tour: Guest Post

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Today I have Marianne de Pierres talking about weapons. In her new book Mythmaker, Virgin Jackson and friends use a variety of weapons to battle the Mythos. Not to mention the all out war that breaks out. My full review is at the end of the post.
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Weapons of Choice in the PEACEMAKER series
Being a love letter to the Western genre, I knew when writing this series that I would need to make decisions about weapons. I mean, what’s a Western without a six gun? But for credibility’s sake, I had to respect the fact that this is set in Australia. For that reason, I restricted the ownership and use of weapons to those working in law-related professions, or the criminals. That gives Nate and Virgin the option to carry arms, but not the ordinary person in the street. Papa Brise and all the gangs in Mystere, of course, are heavily armed.
When it came to deciding how to battle against the MYTHOS though, I had to get more  imaginative. How do you fight an …