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Nuclear Road Trip: Onward to Destruction by Barbara Billig, Michelle McKeeth

One of the oldest nuclear power plants in the US has a major radiation leak. The power plant company does not want to reveal the severity of the accident. A cover-up is devised which shuts the plant down, but the inspectors, headed by John Rockford, are not to arrive for two weeks. The news has been reporting that nothing major has happened. 
The aged Morristown Nuclear Power Plant is the same type of plant as the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan; it, too, had a boiling water reactor. While they tour the plant, they discover the plant is fraught with malfunctions and gross deterioration from an utter lack of proper maintenance.
Theirs is a saga of cover-ups, intrigue, espionage, sabotage and terrorism; theirs is the future of what will happen should terrorists attack a Nuclear Reactor Power Plant, and how individuals are torn asunder and pulled back together.

The book starts out on a road trip as John and Aadhil are slowly making their way to the nuclear power plant a…