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Friends with Wings by Michelle Murrain

The year is 2102, the earth is in crisis, and Trina, a gutsy young woman from a poor family, is forced to sell herself into slavery to pay off her family’s debt. To her surprise, she ends up being sent into space to help colonize a star. Her future seems bright until crisis strikes the colony – leaving Trina the only human being left alive on Planet Johannes. Another spaceship is slated to arrive in a decade, but how will Trina survive alone for ten years? And even if she does, how can she keep the next colony from meeting the same fate? The answers to these questions show up in the form of “friends with wings.” Once Trina meets the Eeriv, nothing will ever be the same.
Published September 26th 2014 by Smashwords Edition ISBN13  9781311253019 Told with journal entries Friends With Wings is a story of a girl who is assigned to work off a debt and is sent to space to help build a place for humans to live on another planet. She is put to sleep for 3…