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Utah Author (and Series) Spotlight -Richard Paul Evans

Today I wanted to post a little about one of my favorite series Michael Vey written by Richard Paul Evans, who is a Utah author.  Probably known better for his book The Christmas Box, he is a New York Times bestseller and published several books and movie script writer he is a public speaker and starter of the The Christmas House Charity. He writes books for all ages.

As a fanatic reader of Young Adult fiction the first time I became aware of his writings was the Michael Vey - The Prisoner of Cell 25. I was very impressed by his characters and the maturity and determination they showed. Michael Vey is one of a group of kids who have supernatural powers.
It shows a very loving home life and care for his family and friends. A girlfriend that brings out the softer side and a hilarious friend that always added the humor.
So far in the three books of the series we get to travel half the world with the hint of getting to do more in the next books to c…