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Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind by E.P. Marcellin

“As the Wind guided you to great power, it will one day guide you to humble salvation. And as the Wind once did your bidding, so one day you shall abide by its call.

Many will fall, but One will rise. And the elements of power will join together with time itself to serve his greatest need.”

Memories are just as mortal as humans.

The past that shaped this present era is dead and buried, forgotten by all but one.

This is the COMPLETE edition of Element Keepers. It includes: - Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind (Full story)
- Element Keepers: Harbinger (Prequel, included as prologue)
- Full color world Map. Kindle Edition, Complete Edition, 469 pages Published November 25th 2013 by Pen Dragon Publishing

The Element Keepers is an epic fantasy novel for young adults. The author does an amazing job of setting, world building and writing style. It's got a pleasurable mix of traveling, magic and dialogue. As with a lot of epic novels you also get several characters stories …