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Book Review and Character Interview by Kevis Hendrickson

Giveaway! First three ebooks in series (Adult  book Series) AND Soundtrack!
My Review of First book Rogue Hunter: Inquest  
My Review of Second book Rogue Hunger: Dark Space
About the Books (From Author's Goodreads Blog)
I have written a new science fiction novel called Rogue Hunter which features a female bounty hunter named Zyra. Zyra's story takes place in the distant future and is set during the time when humanity is about to face its greatest crisis. A clandestine force has been plotting to destroy mankind for countless years. In mankind's arrogance in its ability to defend itself against all threats, the stage is set for their destruction at the hands of this secret enemy. It is up to Zyra to stop the enemy from unleashing its destructive forces upon humanity. If Zyra fails in her mission, all that she knows and loves may come to a bitter and fiery end.

About the Author:
Kevis Hendrickson is an aspiring filmmaker and the author of six Science Fiction and Fantasy…