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Yorick by Vlad Vaslyn

Poor Roberta. She's aging, has lost everyone she's ever loved, and now she lives out her sad, lonely days feeding on bad convenience store food and faded memories of happier times. She wants nothing more than to join her loved ones in the afterlife, but then a gruesome discovery along the banks of the Merrimack River changes everything. Roberta knows she'll never be alone again
Paperback, 90 pages Published October 28th 2012 by Lucid Dream Press
In a way this story reminded me of the 1997 movie Office Killer.

 A lonely older woman finds companionship in a dead skull. Carrying it around with her, talking to it and eventually committing acts to help it return to it's former self.

With her extreme feeling of loneliness Roberta is a woman that the reader will end up pitying and feeling sorry for. But with her unusual way of making a friend is somewhat humorous and more than once comment "what does she think she's doing?"

I had a blast re…