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#BurnBright Fun NEWS!!!

Many of you know that I also do reviews and work with the Australian author Marianne de Pierres
recently she just announced on her website that her Night Creatures (YA series) is soon to be published in the US!!!

So what does that mean here on the blog? I will be doing giveaways!!! So keep an eye out later this year for another announcement for what's in store for that.

I am very excited for this news and even more excited to share one of my favorite series with all of you!

For starters, here is a link to her news announcement as well as the current book video (Australian edition of course) and a link to the book club. We read a book every month and at the end of the month we talk about it. If you join the book club, and participate with comments and tweets you could win things!!!
Direct link to info about how to join Book Club http:…