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Whispers From The Grave by Leslie Rule

The similarities between Jenna and Rita were uncanny. They looked and acted exactly alike. Each was experiencing the thrill of first love. Each was empowered with a gift of the supernatural. And each harbored dark secrets. Jenna and Rita could have been sisters. Except for one thing . . . Rita was murdered over a century ago.

Out of the yellowed pages of her diary, Rita's frightening legacy is reborn. But the more Jenna reads of Rita's spellbinding past--of murder, deception, and sinister experiments--the more she fears her own future. Because Rita's history is repeating itself, moment by horrifying moment. And Jenna has to live it

**This review contains very small spoilers, you may want to read with caution**

As I started reading this story it became more interesting each new chapter. There was always something new that I didn't get from the summary and was loving how different it was than everything else I've been reading lately.
Jenna finds an old diary in the …