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Character Interview with Matt Xell

I read and reviewed Matt's Tower of Parlen Min books a couple of months ago. My original review is Here

His is one of the rare stories that I have gone back and decided to re-star. Every once in awhile I will read through a book and give my initial thoughts for review here on the blog. Every so often a story sticks with me. I can't get it out of my head and I see others reviews on it and decide that I should give a new look at how many stars I originally gave it. Now my thoughts on the actual review rarely change, just the star ratings. But Matt's book is one that I will be picking up again sooner rather than later. I originally rated 3 stars but have changed to 4.
One of the things I really enjoyed about his book was the animated stone statues he has been kindly enough to do a guest post today regarding those characters.
- Animated Statues

Hey guys, it's a pleasure to meet you (albiet electronically) and thanks a lot to Krista for having this Matt Xell do a guest post…