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My "New Years Readers" Resolution

What is Your New Year's Reading Challenge? As an Avid reader, sometimes I like to challenge myself. I am giving myself guidelines for what I should pick up next to read. I find that without giving myself guidelines, when I finish a book, a new one is very hard to decide on or even to get into. Well if you know me at all, here is some of my reading background. I will always finish a book I have started reading, even if it takes me three months to get through (and they have).

One of the Weirdest challenges I have set up will begin January 2011.
1-I will read 50 books before January 1st 2012 of any genre, or size that I want. (I call this brain candy)
2- I will also read 50 books from the 1001 Books you must read before you die list (by peter boxall) -I am including this in the "off the shelf" challenge to help motivate me to read all 50
3- Out of the above 100 books I will also be making sure that either the…