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Blast from My Past: Beverly Cleary

Ahh *sigh* these books remind me of the good days of my childhood. The days when you had no more to deal with than what new dress color for my barbie doll. Beverly Cleary played a huge influence on most of my lower elementary school days. I cannot remember a day that I did not have one of her books in my backpack. Ramona was always rambunctious and getting in trouble making me laugh and smile. Although she has written several books, These two are the ones that I remember the fondest. And as I am an "adult" now I give these gifts to the new generation of my family. Hoping to give that love and laughter that I felt while growing up. I believe these books as well as Roald Dahl will be a good gift for any child today. They can be read and enjoyed for years and a good way to get the children in your family to like reading. They are full of pictures and a good transition into chapter books. 
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