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Witch Child by Celia Rees

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Mary's grandmother is executed for witchcraft, and Mary is forced to leave her home to avoid the same fate. At first she flees to the English countryside, but when the atmosphere of superstition and suspicion becomes all consuming she leaves on a boat for America in the hope that she can start over and forget her past. But during the journey, she realizes that the past is not so easy to escape.

After finally reaching America they land in Salem. The people they expected to already have settled the land are missing and a lot of decisions have to be made.This story is based off a journal told from Mary's point of view. The thoughts of witchcraft have travelled with them from England, and spoken of several times in the boat voyage over and of course continue in Salem. Her story/diary in the first half of the book concentrates more on the traveling and the every day life. Indians are introduc…