Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mythmaker (Peacemaker 2) by Marianne De Pierres

Mythmaker (Peacemaker #2)

Virgin’s in a tight spot. A murder rap hangs over her head and isn’t likely to go away unless she agrees to work for an organisation called GJIC with Nate Sixkiller as her immediate boss. Being blackmailed is one thing, discovering that her mother is both alive and the President of GJIC is quite another. Then there’s the escalation of Mythos sightings, and the bounty on her head. Oddly, the strange and dangerous Hamish Burns is the only one she can rely on. Virgin’s life gets… untidy. 

Expected publication: October 1st 2015 by Angry Robot
ISBN13  9780857664204
In Peacemaker we are introduced to Virgin Jackson and her love for Birrimun Park - the world's last natural landscape. Her lingering sadness of losing her father and having to work with a new partner. Nate Sixkiller, the US Marshall now trainee. After the events in book one she is now having to (grudgingly) work for GJIC and now Sixkiller is her boss. 

You do not have to read book one to fully enjoy Mythmaker. There is enough world building and explanations for everyone to enjoy as a standalone. I have to say that I enjoyed this book so much! I didn't want to leave Virgin and the ending had me on the edge of my seat. I was sad to see her go and now I will forever wonder what could happen next. 

Mythmaker was a thrill ride. Virgin spends less time at the Park and more time in the Megacity investigating the escalated Mythos sightings. She is being watched, followed and a hit has been put out on her. Virgin must go to the darkest, dirtiest parts of town all while trying to keep a low profile, yet question those who are connected to the Mythos. 

With the help of Hamish and her best friend Caro, Virgin is lucky to still be alive by the end. She shows a lot of personality and empathy as not only her work life has changed but her personal life is turned upside down. There is all out war, action packed scenes and long kept secrets that have to come center stage to save the world. 

I highly enjoyed Mythmaker, it kept me hooked and constantly surprised with the twists. In Peacemaker I was introduced to Virgin Jackson, now in Mythmaker I never wanted to let her go. What a fun ride. 

5 stars
Marianne de Pierres is the award winning author of the acclaimed Parrish Plessis,Sentients of Orion and Peacemaker science fiction series. Marianne is an active supporter of genre fiction and has mentored many writers. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and three galahs. Her Night Creatures series, Burn Bright, Angel Arias and Shine Light has been very popular among young adult fiction readers. Marianne is also the Davitt award-winning author of the Tara Sharp humourous crime series under the pseudonym Marianne Delacourt. Visit her websites at and

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ebenezer Scrooge Ghost Hunter by Jaqueline Kyle and Charles Dickens

A bit of  a twist to the normal tale of the Bah Humbug king himself, Ebenezer Scrooge. This time his whole life has been filled with the paranormal. Marley and Scrooge were once partners in a ghost hunting business. It's been seven years since Marley has passed and now Scrooge is drowning himself in alcohol. Marley's ghost appears and sends three others over the course of the night to remind him of the past and show his future.

The story is kept with the same pacing and language of the original story with bits of a different past life of Scrooge in his memories. The story is half original and half re-imagined. Along the veins of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It is a quick, short read and different. If you are a fan of the original story I think you'll get a kick out of this one.  Great for Halloween.

Jaqueline Kyle lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with two cats and a coffee pot. In truth, Jaqueline has a coffee addiction and funds her habit through writing books... at coffee shops... as an excuse to stay there for hours on end. (It’s really the only way to go if you don’t plan on being a barista.) When she isn’t writing or eavesdropping in coffee shops, she’s visiting with friends. At coffee shops.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Days of April By Edward Ashton

Title: Three Days in April 
Author: Edward Ashton
 Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse 
Genre: Mystery/Suspense Science Fiction
 Format: Kindle

Anders Jensen is having a bad month. His roommate is a data thief, his girlfriend picks fights in bars, and his best friend is a cyborg…and a lousy tipper. When everything is spiraling out of control, though, maybe those are exactly the kind of friends you need.

In a world divided between the genetically engineered elite and the unmodified masses, Anders is an anomaly: engineered, but still broke and living next to a crack house. All he wants is to land a tenure-track faculty position, and maybe meet someone who’s not technically a criminal—but when a nightmare plague rips through Hagerstown, Anders finds himself dodging kinetic energy weapons and government assassins as Baltimore slips into chaos. His friends aren’t as helpless as they seem, though, and his girlfriend’s street-magician brother-in-law might be a pretentious hipster—or might hold the secret to saving them all.

Frenetic and audacious, Three Days in April is a speculative thriller that raises an important question: once humanity goes down the rabbit hole, can it ever find its way back?

This story was amazing! I was highly entertained the whole time and loved the constant movement of both the characters and the storyline. A techno-thriller set in the near future with a focus on mixing of cyborgs, natural humans and those that had alterations done. A corporation is trying to hide the events that took place with thousands dying in Hagerstown. While hackers and thieves are trying to discover the truth and if there will be more deaths. 

The story is told from several perspectives. Anders is given a mystery file to analyze and Terry is noticing her avatar is acting unusual. Her sister is learning about a new religion and Gary along with his fellow cyber-geeks are trying to find deleted information on news feeds to find out if this is the beginning of a war or plague. 

It is a very fast paced story with actions having immediate results and pushing the characters forward to survive. I am not a person that is incredibly computer savy and felt that the more complex parts of the story were completely understandable and said in a way that did not make me feel lost (or stupid)

I enjoyed this book so much, it is one I am definitely recommending to friends. 

About the Author
Edward Ashton lives with his adorably mopey dog, his inordinately patient wife, and three beautiful but terrifying daughters in Rochester, New York, where he studies new cancer therapies by day, and writes about the awful things his research may lead to by night. His short fiction has appeared in dozens of venues, ranging from Louisiana Literature to Daily Science FictionThree Days in April is his first novel.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Spotlight: Black Forest Reckoning by Bluette Matthey

Title: Black Forest Reckoning
Author: Bluette Matthey
Publisher: Blue Shutter Publishing
Pages: 299
Genre: Travel Mystery

Outfitter Hardy Durkin and company are visiting the Black Forest area of Germany, staying in the guest wing of a local castle, Schloss Haeflin. In the midst of hiking the Black Forest, enjoying all things Swabian, and spending a day in Baden-Baden, the hikers find themselves at ground zero for coeds disappearing from the nearby University of Freiburg and foul play is suspected. Unresolved personal issues of several members of the group threaten the tour’s cohesion, and Hardy discovers the Baron, who owns the schloss, has stolen someone’s identity as well as his fortune. Ever the sleuth, Hardy untangles the web of deceit, madness, and murder in ‘The Black Forest Reckoning’.   

Bluette Matthey is a third generation Swiss American and an avid lover of European cultures. She has decades of travel and writing experience. She is a keen reader of mysteries, especially those that immerse the reader in the history, inhabitants, culture, and cuisine of new places. Her passion for travel, except airports (where she keeps a mystery with her to pass the time), is shared by her husband, who owned a tour outfitter business in Europe. Bluette particularly loves to explore regions that are not on the “15 days in Europe” itineraries. She also enjoys little-known discoveries, such as the London Walks, in well-known areas. She firmly believes that walking and hiking bring her closer to the real life of any locale. Bluette maintains a list of hikes and pilgrimages throughout Europe for future exploration. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, faithful dog, and band of loving cats. You can visit Bluette’s website at
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Lie In Wait by Eric Rickstad

Title: Lie In Wait
Author: Eric Rickstad Publisher: Witness Impulse
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Format: Kindle/Paperback/Audible

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Silent Girls comes another unforgettable thriller set in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, featuring Detective Sonja Test
Even in a quiet Vermont town, unspeakable acts of the past can destroy the peace of the present
In the remote, pastoral hamlet of Canaan, Vermont, a high-profile legal case shatters the town’s sense of peace and community. Anger simmers. Fear and prejudice awaken. Old friends turn on each other. Violence threatens.
So when a young teenage girl is savagely murdered while babysitting at the house of the lead attorney in the case, Detective Sonja Test believes the girl’s murder and the divisive case must be linked.
However, as the young detective digs deeper into her first murder case, she discovers sordid acts hidden for decades, and learns that behind the town’s idyllic façade of pristine snow lurks a capacity in some for great darkness and the betrayal of innocents. And Sonja Test, a mother of two, will do anything to protect the innocent.

Sonja Test, a mother herself is a police officer that keeps the "victim" a person. Unlike most police who end up treating them like a job, and becoming numb. As the main character she really brings home the emotions and heart into finding the answers.

The author weaves several storylines together, what's described as a "quiet" Vermont town is currently in uproar over a court case that is ongoing. Politics, ethics, equal rights, community and strong religious views all take part in the plot to find the killer. 

I found the scope and depth in which all of the different characters are depicted in the story was perfect writing. The reader will find themselves loving and hating each of them and the parts they play. Not only the characters are rich, but you will feel like a visitor to Vermont yourself with the setting and atmosphere of the city. 

This is the first book I have read by this author, he has impressed me and this story kept me hooked. I intend on reading his other books immediately. 
5 Stars. 

Eric Rickstad is the New York Times bestselling author of The Silent Girls, a #1 bestselling Nook and #3 Mystery Kindle novel heralded as intelligent and profound, dark, disturbing, and heartbreaking. His first novel Reap, a literary suspense novel, was a New York Times Noteworthy Novel. He lives in his home state of Vermont with his lovely wife and daughter.

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