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Crushed by Kasi Blake

Clean Teen Publishing
Crushed by Kasi Blake

The characters were fantastic! I loved each and every one of them. Kristen's sisters are beautiful twins and they all 3 like to play a game every school year getting a guy to crush on them by using a magic spelled powder, getting the boy to perform silly unreasonable things to try to gain points in this game with some very impressive winnings.  The twins are not only witches, but Witches you don't want to cross. Kristen's decided on a spur of the moment decision to crush on one of the popular boys to show that she can be dangerous, they usually crush on the less popular easy to control boys. But almost immediately she regrets her decision and it makes the game harder and almost impossible for her to play as a result.  I was tickled with all the twists and how the characters all came into play. There are still a lot of emotions going on here, anger, love, friendship and protection of others, but it was very well written…