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Children of the Mark by Michael W. Garza

AJ Scott is a typical teenager. The only thing he wants to do is survive high school. Clair Anderson and Dougie Edwards have been his friends since the third grade. The teens stumble across a bizarre ritual and their night of adventure quickly turns to panic as they witness the culmination of the Cult of the Elder’s attempt to pull a monstrous deity from the netherworld into our world. A hasty escape leaves the teens terrified and AJ marred from the event. His newfound malady proves to be much more than a simple mark and the trio are pulled into a world of deceit, monsters, and old fashioned horror  This story reminded me of one of my long time loved movies, The Gate starring Stephen Dorff  The Children of the Mark has a different storyline, but the atmosphere and portrayal of true horror was there.  AJ and his friends Clair and Dougie come across a cult summoning one night and AJ comes face to face with a true demon. He is forever marked an…