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Quick Update

Over the past year my life has been full of unexpected events. Unfortunately my blog has suffered because of them.

I was unable to focus on the books I was reading and had to space things out further than my normal routine to just allow my brain time to wrap my mind around different ideas with so much happening in my life.

I just wanted to post a quick apology for the delays this has cost the people that I have accepted review books from as I have not been able to full fill the readings in the time frame I stated I would.

The events that happened were more than one, and out of my control. I tried to keep on a schedule but found my brain just could not keep up, I would forget what I read almost as soon as I read it. And I did not want to put up any comments or review of something I didn't completely comprehend and have time to fully think about.

 I have a long list of things to catch up on and believe me, they are all still on my TBR and at the top, since I got behind I have a lot …