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#Giveaway Audio Review-The Fairies of Turtle Creek by Jill K. Sayre

The Fairies of Turtle Creek
(Magical realism for readers age 9 and up. Fantasy and history all mixed together, with a cross-generational relationship between an eccentric grandmother and a skeptical granddaughter.)  Thirteen-year-old Claire has deep concerns about her brother who is away fighting in the Iraq war. When her quirky and estranged grandmother comes to live with her distressed family, Claire is cynical. It's through Grandma Faye's stories of being a thirteen year old in Dallas, Texas in the 1920's that opens Claire's heart to love and belief in other things you can only see with your heart.
Written by:Jill K. SayreNarrated by: Sarah ChevalierLength:9 hrs and 44 minsFormat:Unabridged
I found this story to be beautiful and a very pleasant listen. A young girl is visited by a grandmother who she hardly knows. Only having few and strange memori…