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Cousins and Robbers, Tales of Black Jack Jetty by Michael A Carestio

Book DescriptionThe Great Recession is punishing families across the land: lost jobs, lost dreams, lost hope. Tough times bring out the best, and worst in people. The sleepy South Jersey shore towns are being hit by a crime wave, a band of robbers boldly breaking into homes right in the middle of a summer day. The Cousins of Black Jack Jetty devise a plan to protect home and family. That plan will drag them into the mean streets of the meanest neighborhoods in Atlantic City. That’s where the tale twists and turns like a treacherous rip tide. Lucky will tell you the rest. Cousins & Robbers is the second in the Tales of Black Jack Jetty series. The South Jersey shore is once again the setting, a mindset that the author knows well.

When the kids try to find out who the robbers are, they zoom in on 2 suspects hiding behind a lawn care business. As they try to find clues to tie the suspects to the robberies, they get in trouble themselves and rely on their friend to get them…