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#BlogTour Eleanor (Unseen) Author Guest Post

"A riveting supernatural character study wrought with the pains of
first love and the struggles of self-acceptance."—Kirkus Reviews
Guest Post and GIVEAWAY of Signed copy of Eleanor (Book 1) The Unseen

What books and movies helped you in the research for your book and it's Native American legend. Do you have a website you would recommend readers who are interested in looking into the subject more?
ELEANOR (The Unseen) is a young adult paranormal story about a young girl growing up in a small Wyoming town. She is called Eleanor. She lives in Jamesford, but she isn't from there. She's a transplant. And she's not so very young.
The story was inspired by a southwest Navajo legend I first encountered reading Tony Hillerman. I saw in that legend a metaphor for life and of growing up. It gave me an opportunity to explore the complexities of identity and change in the development of a true outsider.
That legend was the legend of the Skinwalker.
In the Navajo tradit…