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PEACEMAKER Tour and Guest Post

In Marianne de Pierres' Tara Sharp series the pet birds play a roll in the storyline. She also introduces us to Virgin's protector, an eagle named Aquila in Peacemaker.  I have asked her to tell us a bit about her love for birds  and their connection to her  books.
I inherited a pink and grey galah from a friend ten years ago. I’d never owned a bird before and was not a fan of the whole cage thing. But the circumstances were unexpected, and I felt an instant affection for the elderly cockatoo, and wanted to do my best for her. My best entailed finding her a companion, and giving her regular outings so she could wander and graze. And of course, hundreds of head scratches.
Somehow, during our time together (she died from old age a few years later), I became a ‘bird person.’ This has led to some strange experiences, including being out for a walk one day and having a cockatiel land on top of my head, refusing to leave no matter how I tried to shoo her off. Now, not o…