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(Re-Post) Night Creatures Ebooks and Artwork links

They have finally arrived! The Night Creatures series from Australian author Marianne de Pierres has officially hit Amazon! You can purchase the kindle copy for just $3.99!!!

Night Creatures Series

Also the Burn Bright site has a link and article about the cover artists webpage where you can buy tshirts, mugs and other merchandise featuring the same artwork you see on the covers of the Night Creatures series.

I have not seen the books pop up on Barnes and Noble or The Book Depository yet, but I will attach links as soon as I do!

And until the physical copies can become available, remember you can always purchase a copy from Fishpond for $17 (that includes shipping!)

Also stay tuned, at the end of April I will be giving away copies of the kindle ebook here on the blog, and on twitter @cubicleblindnes

Spellbound Series! Guest Post by Sherry Soule

Favorite Moments from the Spellbound series
Today author, Sherry Soule has some exciting news to share with us! All the previously published books in the Spellbound series have been rewritten and republished with more epic romance, sizzling character chemistry, and thrilling suspense. The new versions also include exclusive bonus material and brand new scenes. To help promote the new editions, she is doing this awesome book promo to share the update with fellow booklovers. Spellbound series is a mix of Pretty Little Lairs meets Buffy, the Vampire Slayer! Sherry has compiled a few of her favorite moments from the first two Young Adult books in the thrilling and romantic Spellbound series. Enjoy the excerpts!
Quote from BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN – “Initial Glimpse”:
The hottie sat down and reclined, stretching out his arms on the back of the bench. He crossed his legs in the dude-esque, one ankle-over-the-opposite-thigh leg cross, and I caught a glimpse of his badass black motorcycle boots. The sk…