Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind by E.P. Marcellin

“As the Wind guided you to great power, it will one day guide you to humble salvation. And as the Wind once did your bidding, so one day you shall abide by its call.

Many will fall, but One will rise. And the elements of power will join together with time itself to serve his greatest need.”

Memories are just as mortal as humans.

The past that shaped this present era is dead and buried, forgotten by all but one.

This is the COMPLETE edition of Element Keepers. It includes:
- Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind (Full story)
- Element Keepers: Harbinger (Prequel, included as prologue)
- Full color world Map.
Kindle Edition, Complete Edition, 469 pages
Published November 25th 2013 by Pen Dragon Publishing

The Element Keepers is an epic fantasy novel for young adults. The author does an amazing job of setting, world building and writing style. It's got a pleasurable mix of traveling, magic and dialogue. As with a lot of epic novels you also get several characters stories that you follow, an immense landscape and with this novel, magical powers.

Rhet and Pateal are best friends, and pretty much brothers in every aspect except parents. Rhet's parents are deceased and Pateal's family has raised him as one of their own. They reside in a small fishing town of similar short and blond inhabitants, but Rhet looks nothing like them. When a boat of stunning women takes land and kidnap him. The women of the Y'dah are expecting a prophecy to come to pass in which one day will come in which one with great powers will either save the world, or destroy it.
Quite possibly this man in a small town and stands out like a sore thumb is the one they have been waiting for. But does Rhet have any powers other than gutting fish well?

The writing of the story is very well done. You can tell the author took a lot of time in developing the setting, landscape, people and lands. The magic of elements are fun and add entertainment to the story. There is quite a bit of traveling through the different lands (there is a map included) and meeting of peoples.

The only thing that I felt lacking was a connection to the characters and their plight. I found the ending to be rushed after reading a very large novel building up tension and have everything rushed to a finish, a finish that ends with remaining questions for the next book. It was only specific characters that I did not find a connection to, a sense of watching a movie instead of actually feeling of being there.

I did enjoy the Y'dah women and the parts where they interacted with each other were my favorite parts to read. Their group, powers and interactions really made the story for me. I give the novel 4 stars for the great writing and world building -both the peoples and the landscape. As an epic story it is a large read and I found it enjoyable.

 About the Author: (from Goodreads.com)
E.P. MarcellinFirst and foremost I am a lover of all things Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Since my childhood I've constantly immersed myself in books, discovering new worlds and new characters through the years, eventually to my own creation first creation: Element Keepers Whispers of the Wind

Having traveled extensively throughout the years, I've enjoyed sceneries, discovered cultures, tasted different foods, met new friends. All of these have profoundly influenced my writing, but most of all, I owe my love for well written and captivating stories to Jacqueline Carey and David Eddings. Later on, new and old names started catching my attention as well - George R.R. Martin and Peter V. Brett.

I love to share my affection for books and fantasy, and in my free time take care of my growing family. Well.. maybe not in that order..



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