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Yunyu Song Inspired by the Night Creatures Series

From Yunyu
Dear Baby Bats,
Hi, I am Yunyu. Like you, I've enjoyed traversing the dark landscapes of Marianne's world of Night Creatures and Angel Arias was written as a Siren call for the world of Ixion (In our world you may call it a tourist ad J )
The best bit about creating the song Angel Arias was the amount of creative freedom that was allowed (Marianne is very cool like that!). So I made a tune that was sort of Middle Eastern meets Euro Rave (Grave sounded like that sort of place in my head!)  Here’s a sneak peek
So there it be!
I've also created an ongoing series of songs made of twisted fairy tales called TWISTED TALES. The songs can be heard here:
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Enjoy! Till we meet again Baby Bats!
Your Royal Madness