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The Sundering (The Swarm Trilogy #3) by Megg Jensen

Book Three in The Swarm Trilogy

After defeating the Malborn and losing the person she loved most, Lianne escapes to Chase's homeland. With her appearance forever marked by death, Lianne feels like a monster both on the outside and the inside. She retreats into herself, fearful of what she's become.

But she can't hide forever.

The Malborn, damaged but not broken, send a deadly message to Lianne. They are coming for her and now she's brought danger to a peaceful land that believed they'd driven the Malborn from their shores forever. Lianne must force herself to trust again and make the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone she loves. In a world ruled by whoever harnesses the most powerful magic, no one can be trusted – no one is safe

The Malborne's have retreated and the Dalagans have taken Lianne in. After her experiences she has become very withdrawn, depressed and suicidal. But Chase still refuses to leave her side. Over some time Chase is able to talk he…