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Lost in the Bayou by Cornell DeVille

It's the summer of 1963. It's hot and sticky. The locusts are droning in the trees, and Robin Sherwood and her brother, Andy, are in trouble. Their parents have disappeared, and their crazy uncle Conrad with the silver claw where his hand used to be has shown up. Unfortunately for them, he's planning on killing them so he can inherit the Sherwood Fortune.

They've run away to the bayou and the Voodoo Swamp in order to escape his crazy game. Robin would rather take the chance on becoming alligator bait than to face what's waiting for her in the cellar.

This is a YA thriller that will keep both boys and girls turning the pages.
ebook, First Edition Published December 2nd 2011 by Musa Publishing - Euterpe

Yes, I do have to admit that this book was a page turner. It was able to keep up the pacing from the beginning to end. I enjoyed the main characters Robin and Andy, kids that have lost their parents due to a plane crash, just beyond their mansion of a house and…