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#JIAM My Favorites!

June is Audiobook Month! Today is a busy day for me so I thought I would throw up a list of my favorite audiobooks as recommendations for you!

Earth's Children Series
This series is the story of Ayla during the time of the Cave man. The first of the series being The Clan of the Cavebear: A remarkable epic of one woman's odyssey - filled with mystery and magic. Here is the saga of a people who call themselves the Clan of the Cave Bear; how they lived; the animals they hunted; the great totems they revered. But mostly it is the story of Ayla, the girl they found and raised, who was not like them. To the Clan, her fair looks make her different - ugly. And she has odd ways: she laughs, she cries, she has the ability to speak. But even more, she struggles to be true to herself and, with her advanced intelligence, is curious about the world around her. Although Ayla is clearly a member of the Others, she is nurtured by her adoptive parents, befriended by members of the Clan…