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*Moment of Kairos

Four worlds. Four ages. Four struggles through deserts, demons, criminal underworlds and overwhelming odds. Elian searches for answer to the mysterious blackouts, led forward by his only clue: an encoded diary. Ben stalks the streets at night in search of horrific creatures not of this world. Alexander hunts down criminals, always intent on doing the right thing whatever the cost. And Prometheus tries to save his village without dying in the process.

Separate but intertwined, they press on, linked somehow to the mysterious John, who watches and waits - for it seems each of the four is part of something much greater than they could ever have imagined.

In the world of Elian we are introduced to a world in which the remaining people of town are huddled into a cafe, listening carefully to the news on which cities have gone black. Just outside their door the army has blockaded the most recent city to go black. People were not allowed in, or out. But so far nobody has come out. Elian is app…