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Author Interview: Dan Haring author of OLDSOUL

I noticed as I read that I couldn't help but imagine some of the fight scenes playing out like a movie. Large missile explosions and people falling in all directions from getting hit with the bullets and cars flying everywhere from the impact. Did you write these scenes with the intention of sucking in the reader with intense visuals and explosions?

I kind of approached the book as if it were an action movie, so it needed to have lots of explosions and bodies falling. Coming from a film and art background, and loving comics, whenever I'm writing I tend to picture what's happening as if it's in a movie or comic book, and try to incorporate that into the writing. Hopefully the descriptions (and explosions) are enough to get people interested in what's going on.

Are there any movies that inspired this particular scene
(the New York fight scene in the beginning part of the story)

No specific movies, though I've seen plenty of them and I'm sure some slipped in s…