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High School Heroes II Camp Hero by James Mascia

Lizard-men. Time travel. Genetic experiments. What really went on at the Camp Hero Military Base? Camp Hero continues the adventures of Christine and her friends as they delve deeper into the legacies of their grandfathers. On the day Christine's baby brother is born, Christine is given a vision of a young boy being taken by the MHDA-Meta-Human Detection Agency. Obsessed with finding this boy before the MHDA can get to him, Christine and her friends go on a quest to rescue him. The journey takes them to Camp Hero, where their grandfathers once served. They discover secrets about themselves, their grandfathers, the MHDA and their science teacher, Mr. Quinn. Now they must deal with the burden of these secrets, even as they try and rescue the mysterious boy from the clutches of the MHDA.

I read and reviewed a copy of High School Heroes last year, and jumped at the opportunity to read the next book. I also had an interview with the author and a guest post in which he discusses Heroes.…